Le Red Sea Souk déroule son programme

Le volet professionnel du Red Sea International Film Festival aura lieu du 3 au 6 décembre avec, au programme, une série de panels et de conférences.

Des professionnels du secteur venus du monde entier partageront leurs réflexions et expériences au sein du Red Sea 360°, une série de panels et d’échanges organisés dans le cadre du Red Sea Souk du festival de Jeddah :

Samedi 3 décembre :

12h – “Sales & Distribution: The Ever Evolving Landscape”

14h15 – “Script to Screen: How to Make High Quality Content in a Rapidly Changing Media Ecosystem; The Need to Diversify Content Genres and Platforms”

15h45 – “A Special Presentation By Michael Uslan: The Man Who Changed the Landscape of the Comic Book to Film Genre As We Know It”

Dimanche 4 décembre :

12h – “Music, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives: Storytelling Across Multiple Platforms”

14h15 – “International Co-production Strategies For Independent And Commercial Projects: Discussing the Relationships Between Arab Countries, the US, and the European Union”

16h – “A Region Full Of Opportunities: Discussing The Positive Impact and Opportunities in The Arab Region and How to Build Your Team; Including Casting, Location, Crew, Funds, Commissions and More”

Lundi 5 décembre :

9h30 – “Post-Production At Netflix: A Case Study On Editing And The Power Of Sound And Music In Film”

11h30 – “The Business Of Investing, Funding, And Financing Into Content”

14h15 – “Streaming Challenges: The Evolving Digital Landscape And What Is Next For Streaming: Exploring the New Platform that Are Making an Impact and How the Veterans are Competing”

15h45 – “Show Me The Soft Money: Incentives To Explore: There Are Multiple Avenues to Subsidize Your Budget Through Funds, Rebates, Development and Support Programs”

Mardi 6 décembre :

10h – “Episodic Content: Changing The Game”

11h30 – “Writing To The Budget Workshop By Netflix”

14h – “Storytelling In The Metaverse”